A message from RMC to our beloved community

“As Orff Schulwerk educators, we are charged with teaching not just music and movement, but also respect and inclusion. As such, AOSA recognizes and denounces actions that undermine this work.” -AOSA

The Rocky Mountain Orff Chapter stands with AOSA in our commitment to speak up against systemic and violent injustices being committed against our students, our families, and our colleagues of color. As educators, we stand for inclusion, equity and justice. We acknowledge, respect, and celebrate both differences and commonalities. We intentionally build and nurture a safe and welcoming environment within our music education community, and seek to harness the power of collaborative music-making as a means to restore our connection and empathy.

We believe in our responsibility to use our platform as educators to set the example. We believe that being silent is being complicit. We believe that it is our responsibility as influential stakeholders in the lives of our students to critically reflect on our practices, and to speak up against the injustices that have no place inside—or outside—the music room. We believe that Black Lives Matter.

We acknowledge that we have substantial work to do in this area. Our chapter does not yet wholly reflect the students we serve. We are committed to serving teachers, hosting presenters, and promoting leaders who reflect our communities and our students. We will not always get it right, but we will continuously strive to improve.

Building musicianship through improvisation, movement, and drama.

The Rocky Mountain Chapter of AOSA is the 33rd chapter of the American Orff-Schulwerk Association, a professional organization of educators dedicated to the creative music and movement approach developed by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman.

AOSA honors an RMC leader

Congratulations to Peggy McCreary as a 2018 AOSA Distinguished Service Award recipient! Peggy McCreary is an Orff Specialist at the Grenoble Studio of Musical Arts where she teaches children from preschool through high school. Her video on Orff instrument care can be found in the AOSA Video Library. She has contributed articles to the national publications Orff Echo and Re-Echoes II, was a collaborator on Jane Frazee’s book, Discovering Keetman and was an author for the AOSA newsletter Reverberations, where instrument repair tips can be found in her column “Refurberations.” Peggy cofounded and leads the “Midnight Historical Society”, an evening reading session which has taken place annually at AOSA conferences since 1996, showcasing historical Schulwerk pieces and the people who perpetuated it. The Rocky Mountain Chapter could not be more proud of her, nor more honored to have her in our ranks.

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