The RMC-AOSA Scholarship Committee has recently awarded deferred Summer Scholarship funds, a $650 fund awarded to eligible chapter members seeking Orff Schulwerk Teacher Education coursework from an AOSA accredited course. Recipients of this scholarship will directly receive $650 to significantly defray the the costs of the Orff Schulwerk Teacher Education course of their choice during future summer courses, once coursework can safely resume.



  • School Year Scholarships are designed for new(er) teachers who are
    curious about the Orff Schulwerk approach to music and movement education
  • School year scholarships reimburse RMC-AOSA members for the cost of Saturday workshops, and for AOSA and RMC membership dues for one year
  • Scholarship applicants must be present at the September online workshop in order to win
  • Previous school year winners and previous summer scholarship winners are ineligible
  • All other RMC-AOSA members are eligible


  • Apply online at before the Friday September 11, 2020, 9:00am deadline
  • Show proof of current membership AOSA and in Rocky Mountain Orff Chapter
  • Be present for the announcement of winners at the end of the online workshop on September 12


  • attend at least four RMC workshops
  • write reflections on the workshops, summarizing them and explaining their influence on your teaching
  • electronically submit your reflections to by the June 15, 2021 deadline
  • continue your RMC chapter membership and participation in the future


Your Name

Home Address

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School Name & District

School is in City or Town of (including City, State, ZIP)

University to which you are applying for levels training


I know that these funds have been provided by the generous donations of RMC members, and in the event that I receive a scholarship I agree to (please check):

  • attend at least four workshops during this school year.
  • write about four workshops, summarizing them and reflecting on how they influenced my teaching.
  • submit the summaries to the RMC Scholarship Committee ( no later than June 15, 2021.
  • contact an RMC Scholarship Committee member promptly if an emergency prevents me from attending a workshop.

1. Teaching Environment

How many students are enrolled at your school?

What is your school affiliation (private or public school district)?

What is your teaching load (full time or part time, grade levels, subject(s)?

2. Teaching Experience

What is your teaching experience (e.g., 1st year of teaching, 4th year, returning to teaching)?

3. Orff Schulwerk Experience

What is your Orff Chapter affiliation (if any) and for how many years were you affiliated with the chapter(s)?

Previous Orff Training (check all that apply):

As part of a general music methods classOrff Schulwerk Teacher Education Course (Levels Training)In-ServicesWorkshops

Where were the O.S. Teacher Education Courses, in-services, and workshops?

4. Financial Need

What financial need do you have that affects your ability to afford RMC workshops? Examples of financial need could include student loans, professional expenses, family circumstances, and other financial situations.

5. Music Education Philosophy

Explain your philosophy of music education and how you think that it harmonizes with Orff Schulwerk.

6. Long-term goals as a music teacher

Share dreams and the details of your ideal future job, including but not limited to: age groups; what you believe is important to teach all of your students; your ideas about music participation and performance.

7. Rocky Mountain Chapter Connection

How did you learn about the Rocky Mountain Orff Chapter?

Check the dates that you can attend Saturday workshops:

September 12, 2020, online with Michael ChandlerOctober 10, 2020, online with Anne FennellJanuary 2021, TBAMarch 2021, TBAMay 2021, TBA

8. Describe yourself as a musician

Give highlights of your particular musical interests:

memorable musical learnings from your past:

skills you have and/or would like to develop:


9. Bonus

Add anything else you deem relevant to your belief that Orff Schulwerk will benefit you and your